Sloyd Knife Joy


First task of the day: scribe the flooring to fit around the chimney. I don’t particularly like scribing anything to brick. It’s a long process and typically takes a couple of practice runs with a template. We don’t have time on this job, for anything. (Long story, perhaps a future blog post.)image

With compass in hand, being careful to keep perpendicular to the bricks, I traced out every nook and cranny of the chimney’s surface onto my board. Then cutting away the bulk of the waste with a saw I came to my line with my knife. Test fit- carve, test fit- carve test fit— carve, test fit—- carve; test fit- DONE. Install.

It’s a Nic Westermann blade with a walnut handle.



And this is where the joy of the task comes in, with a cut like this.


Go get yourself a perfect knife. It’s Christmas time.


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