Brasso Twist & Shout

imageBelieve it or not, these are brass.

About a year or so ago I was blessed with being able to clean out my neighbors basement of a few machinists tools (more on the tools later) and a plethora of miscellaneous bits of hardware. Cut nails, clinch nails, rose headed cut nails, sprigs, brads, copper nails, nuts & bolts, screws with a few of the different head styles. These came in all sorts and sizes and metal types, close to 30 lbs.

I have recently been working on a side project for a friend’s daughter, a window seat with bookshelf under, a storage compartment behind, and crib mattress will fit on the top.

I need to add some cross strengtheners to the lid for the storage (because plywood isn’t awesome, not even the good stuff) to take out a bit of a bow. I choose a scrap of white oak because the elastic strength is the best of what different wood species I have in the shop at this time. I will glue and screw these two pieces to the underside of the plywood lid with opposing crowns.

I figuered I may as well make this look nice too. (Krenov style). So I chamfered the edges and ends of the two pieces and I want to use some fancier fasteners.

This is where the round head brass screws come in. Yet, they aren’t so nice looking, so this is where the Brasso comes in.


Chuck the screw (not to tight as this may crimp the threads) into a drill and dip the head into the Brasso.


Lightly pinch it in a rag and pull the trigger. After about ten or fifteen seconds stop and…


Nice and shiny. Then use a tooth brush to clean out the slot. Just don’t use the tooth brush in your mouth again…


Thanks Brasso. image

(I will post on the window seat after the install.)


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