Cool Finds

Meet Holly

Every once in awhile, you find something cool when doing remodeling. It’s even better when, like today, you get a twofer.

I’ll go backwards here. The first find is cooler than the second, but I want to keep you on the edge of your seat (I know, it’s really not that exciting).

Here is the second find first.

This gem was found inside the wall, it was being used for a nailer ( a piece onto which another piece is nailed).

Pegs and all


imageMy summation of the dimensions leads me to the hypothesis that this could have been a rail (horizontal piece) to a door. Though there isn’t any indication that there was a panel (lack of a groove) or a screen attached (lack of a packing dado). So my first hypothesis is probably incorrect. Leading to a second and more likely hypothesis-conclusion; it’s a part to a chair or frame of a cabinet. Very strange the pegs being in this way, it seems as though it was never assembled.

Anyway enough of that. On to the more exciting find of the day.

1943 mercury dime


I noticed this small round thing almost immediately after pulling the baseboard off. The coin was found a foot away from that now uninteresting piece of wood. I picked it up to examine my find. After realizing what it was I found our client and showed him the coin. Honestly hoping he had no interest in it, it’s only ten cents after all. And after checking it out he says to me “Finders, keepers”.



I have a small collection of old coins that I have found over the years that I’ve been a carpenter. Maybe someday I’ll retire off a find!

Then I’ll do what I really love to do…    Carpentry.



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