I’m new at this

So, I guess I’m going to try this blog thing out. Even though I don’t have internet access aside from my already outdated smartphone. I have been thinking a lot on if i should. And if I do – what should the content be.

My aim is to write about today’s  skilled carpenter’s life on the varying  jobsites along with a few tangents for time to time. I’ll post some photographs and get into my admiration of the carpenters, turners, chair bodgers, joiners, wheelwrights, coopers, millwrights, and all the craftsman working in wood of days long ago. I’ll also talk about some of the books I’m currently reading that correspond with said subjects. And while I don’t watch much television I may write about relevant movies, videos, and shows.

Recently in this carpenters life:

We are still receiving a lot of work from snowmageddon last year. Dan is really good at getting everything covered by the insurance companies.

First here is a bit of what I put up with last week.

Floor shimming to the extreme-ly inaccurate


We started working on a place in North Weymouth this past week. Hopefully it’ll be quick. These older homes certainly have their “quirks”. It makes you stop and wonder what / if the builder was thinking or drinking.

Next week we will be rounding the corner on this one, literally. Hopefully be out by mid Tuesday to let the subs in.